About Us

Krypto Genetics (PVT) LTD. is a leading supplier for R&D sector specialized in the areas of Life sciences, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Molecular Diagnostics.

This company has been founded by 3 Sri Lankan researchers who have witnessed the various difficulties faced by the Sri Lankan researchers community including rigid tender / quotation procedures, costly research materials, Branded products flying into the island from the Indian subcontinent with unacceptable quality and difficulties in getting foreign direct orders. Due the above said factors researches dragging endlessly and without the funds in a very short time without producing any reproducible/accurate/precise results from the experiments.


Our Mission

To provide the most cost effective solutions for Sri Lankan Scientists to face the challenges imposed on them due to unavoidable policy and procedure gaps prevailing in the system very successfully and to achieve excellence in their research activities.

Our Vision

To improve the per capita scientific publications of the Sri Lankan scientists community and to make Sri Lanka as the leader of the Biotechnology sector in South Asia.