FavorPrep™ Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit

Pack size : 100 / 300 Preps
Cat# : FAPDE 100 / FAPDE 300

Store at room temperature (15~ 25 ℃) for 2 year.
Except RNAse A Powder, store at -20℃.




1. High Recovery: For high yields of plasmid DNA·up to 30µg from 1-3ml overnight cultures.

2. Easy to use : No need for messy resin slurries , extracting with phenol, or concentrating via alcohol precipitation.

3. Time saving: Rapid Isolation of genomic DNA from blood, within 30 minutes after lysis.

4. Versatile: Bacterial cultures such as E. COli,which bacteria is pellet , lysed, and then neutralized.



– Plasmid DNA up to 30µg from 1-3ml ovemight cultures

Binding Capacity
– Up to 50µg

Expectant Yield
– 20-30µg for high-copy plasmid
– 3-10µg for low-copy plasmid

Operation Time
– Under 30 minutes

Kit Components

  • FAPDl Buffer
  • FAPD2 Buffer
  • FAPD3 Buffer
  • W 1 Buffer
  • Wash Buffer (Concentrated)
  • Elution Buffer
  • RNase It. (50mg/ml)
  • FAPD Mini Columns
  • 2ml tube. (for Collection)


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